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Luxury Condos

深圳东海国际公寓,作为亚洲10大超级豪宅之一,以308米耸立深圳金融核心区,“寸土寸金”的香蜜湖心脏地带,“经济主动脉”深南大道第一排。与LONGHAM HOTELS INTERNATIONAL 朗廷豪华酒店及国际超甲级写字楼,构成璀璨繁华的新地标性建筑群。



Shenzhen Donghai International Apartment, one of the top 10 super luxury residences in Asia, stands 308 meters high in Shenzhen’s financial center, the core area of Xiangmi Lake, as well as the “main economic artery” of Shennan Avenue. It, together with Longham Hotels International and super Grade-A office buildings, form a bright and prosperous new landmark building complex. The project is designed with the concept of “creating the top-notch urban life” and aiming to create the most high-quality apartments in Shenzhen. The design of Donghai International Apartment is the crystallization of the most cutting-edge architectural concepts and ideas in the world. Everyone has a dream home. We will provide you with professional and customized to realize your dream.