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2019.09.09 - 09.12


VOGUE collection

2019 “尚睿”新系列的隆重登陆,追忆上世纪30年代纽约和上海,设计师通过此双城记籍此对于大师们的致敬,且秉承COMO一贯的宗旨 “简约之中见品味,细节之处显匠心”,以细节和内敛打动体验者,这也是十八年的坚持和守候。

The Grand launch of New collection 2019 --- " Vogue & Megacity ". Recalling New York and Shanghai in the 1930s, the designers paid tribute to the masters through this tale of two cities, also we have been committing the details and simplicity consistently to impress clients for eighteen years of our establishment,