{{isCN==='true'?'董合肃Hanson Dong GOODO design 谷岛设计事务所——创始人\&设计总监。秉持可持续发展的理念,以多元、国际化的设计视野,不断突破与创新设计,创建多元化的综合设计机构。十几年设计、研发经历,擅长对各种材料、工艺的组合设计。对家具品牌战略规划、产品体系建设、家具设计、产品研发、空间设计有着丰富的经验。他带领设计团队和国内外多家品牌合作各类设计项目,其设计作品多次荣获德国红点产品设计奖、德国 IF 设计大奖、IDA美国国际设计大奖、伦敦杰出地产大奖、意大利A’ design设计奖、美国室内设计年度大奖、金腾奖、中国家具设计金点奖、中国设计红星奖及亚洲设计奖金奖等几十项国内外知名设计奖项。坚持可持续性设计,立足于本土文化,融合东西方美学,努力探索联系当代设计与未来生活的无限可能。':'Hanson DongThe Founder \& Design Director of GOODO design. Hanson endeavors to run a diversified and comprehensive design firm from an inclusive and international design perspective by constantly making breakthroughs and innovations and adhering to the concept of sustainable development. Thanks to a dozen years of design and R\&D experience, he specializes in integrating varied materials and processes. Particularly, he has a great wealth of experience in the strategic planning of furniture brands, the establishment of product systems, furniture design, product R\&D, and space design.Moreover, Hanson has led his design team to cooperate with multiple brands at home and abroad in all types of design projects. His design works have won dozens of awards renowned domestically and internationally, such as the Product Design Award of the Red Dot Design Award in Germany, the iF Design Award in Germany, the International Design Awards (IDA) in the U.S.A., the Outstanding Property Award London (OPAL), the A\' Design Awards in Italy, the Best of Year Awards of Interior Design in the U.S.A., the Jin Teng Award in China, the Gold Idea Design Award in China, the Red Star Design Award in China, and the Gold Prize of the Asia Design Prize (ADP).He sticks to sustainable design, keeps a foothold in local culture, and integrates Eastern and Western aesthetics to explore the infinite possibilities of connecting contemporary design with future life.'}}

{{isCN==='true'?'董合肃':'HANSON DONG'}}
{{isCN==='true'?'GOODO design 谷岛设计——创始人、设计总监,十几年设计、研发经历,擅长对各种材料、工艺的组合设计。对家具品牌战略规划、产品体系建设、产品研发、空间设计有丰富的经验。他带领设计团队和国内外多家品牌合作各类设计项目,其设计作品多次荣获国内外知名设计奖项。立足于本土文化,融合东西方美学,设计具有国际化视野的作品,努力探索联系当代设计与未来生活的无限可能。':'GOODO design—Founder and design director. Hanson Dong has more than ten years of experience in design and R\&D and specializes in integrating varied materials and processes in design. He focuses on furniture strategy planning, product systems and R\&D, and space design. Leading the design team, he has cooperated with domestic and foreign brands in all kinds of design projects, and won many well-known design awards at home and abroad.Creatively based on local culture, he integrates Eastern and Western aesthetics, designs with an international vision, and strives to explore the infinite possibilities of linking contemporary design with future life.'}}
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